Sacramento’s Technology Environment is Growing, and We Are Here to Help By: Conner D. Johnston

Sacramento’s Technology Environment is Growing, and We Are Here to Help By: Conner D. Johnston

Sacramento’s Technology Environment is Growing, and We Are Here to Help

By: Conner D. Johnston

As both a lawyer that has represented start-ups and as a co-founder of a software company who has lived in LA and the Bay Area, I have a pretty good sense of the requirements needed to make a region a successful incubator for technology companies. Sacramento meets and exceeds these requirements.

Sacramento’s hallmarks of a successful start-up city include a highly educated workforce with a top research university in UC Davis; plenty of fundraising opportunities; weekly and monthly meetups of all kinds – from one for Python enthusiasts to a vibrant One Million Cups community; and of course, many actual companies headquartered here. This diagram from StartUpSac shows the sophisticated web of start-up events, support services, organizations, and funding that is all helping Sacramento companies grow.

But Sacramento provides much more than just an advanced business ecosystem. The cost of living is no small benefit for cash-strapped companies that need to pinch every penny, especially compared to LA and the Bay Area. This includes arguably the most consistently good food in California because Sacramento is the Farm to Fork Capitol of America - there are dozens of farms within a hundred miles that supply fresh produce to Sacramento’s many fine eateries. Sacramento also has a vibrant downtown/midtown area with tons of nighttime options. And what Sacramento use to be derisively known for, being close to the Bay Area and Tahoe, is still definitely a plus, especially for those still needing to make regular trips to Silicon Valley but also want to make it to the ski resort without sitting in five hours of traffic.

I am certainly not the first person to point Sacramento’s unique environment. Over the last few years, Sacramento has been getting almost monthly press about its emerging tech scene. The local government’s community-minded economic investment has played a pivotal role in this positive image. Though Sacramento is rapidly growing, and even it cannot avoid the rising cost of living in California, Sacramento is trying to do growth intentionally and equitably. The city just passed Measure U, supported by the Metro Chamber of Commerce, which funds will provide the city with the ability to not only improve vital city services but “endeavors to cultivate an inclusive economy that leads to regional prosperity.”

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