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Nicholas B. Brummel is an associate attorney at Diepenbrock Elkin Dauer McCandless LLP, focusing on construction law, government contracts and business litigation. From the moment Mr. Brummel began practicing law, he has focused on helping individuals, government entities, and businesses involved in construction and contractual disputes. In so doing, Mr. Brummel has represented general contractors, subcontractors, school districts, waste facilities, and other private and public entities.

Mr. Brummel represents his clients and pursues their interests across all stages of a dispute. This involves advising clients prior to engaging in a formal action to determine if they are best served by a solution outside of litigation or arbitration. In this capacity, Mr. Brummel performs several tasks to either help clients reach a resolution, or ensure clients are well-positioned should a formal action be brought. These tasks are tailored to the client’s needs and include reviewing contracts and related documents, identifying which fora are available for bringing a dispute, negotiating settlements, preparing bids and proposals, and developing strategies ahead of formal action.

Mr. Brummel’s practice also includes zealously representing clients through all phases of litigation and/or arbitration proceedings. In this capacity, Mr. Brummel has brought and defended claims arising from complex construction disputes, including: construction delay claims; construction defect claims; professional negligence claims involving architects and engineers; and mechanics’ lien, bond and stop payment notice claims. Mr. Brummel has also represented parties involved in claims arising from public works and public services contracts.

Finally, Mr. Brummel’s practice also includes representing clients who have post-judgment needs, including pursuing recovery and representing clients in writs of mandate and appeals.

Mr. Brummel received his B.A. in Communication, magna cum laude, from the University of the Pacific in 2015. He earned his J.D. degree from UC College of the Law, San Francisco in 2018, where he competed in moot court, served as editor for the Women’s Law Journal, and mediated for the San Francisco Superior Court’s small claims division.

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